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Today’s Friday Fiction is a tale of a “liberated” English girl named Caroline. Caroline has been unlucky in love so of course she runs to Mexico to serve as a governess for the evil and vulgar Esteban de Montejo. ┬áBut wait, Esteban has a brother name Luis. He is smart and sexy and (wait for it) a SEMINARIAN! Poor Caroline! Always falling for the wrong man. Will these two crazy kids find a way to make it work? Stay tuned!



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Forbidden flame - pages 156 and 157


  1. “…invaded her nasal passages”? Seriously? That’s the author’s idea of romantic writing?

  2. LOL, don’t we get to find out how the nasal invasion, etc. works out? C’mon, tell us how it ends!

  3. I see others have also picked up on the nasal-passage invasion as a turn-off. The other phrase that struck me as repellent rather than romantic was “suffocatingly deprived of air.” To each her own, I guess!

  4. The nasal passages take the cake, but I also love that she actually *scratches her face* on his robe. I don’t know whether it’s funnier to think of it as minor lacerations as she rubs it, or if she had an itch on her nose that she just couldn’t reach.

    But you really have to love a man whose shoulders can, by themselves, express a complex emotion. And a heroine who thinks that if she’d just gotten him to go through with it, he’d just lose any sense of conflict that he has just considering it. Because that’s always a good idea.

  5. But how would you say it instead? “The male scent of his skin went up her nostrils”? “His body odor inflamed her mucous membranes”?

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