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Flu – 70’s Style

What to do About the Flu


This one bugs me.  I have been getting a bunch of questions recently so I really need current information.  Even if this is a common sense,  “wash-your-hands”  kind of book, I still think that a newer edition is in order.


I also like the idea of a’bad epidemic’ of flu as described on the back (as opposed to the good epidemics?).


Here is the link to government information or the CDC’s link on flu in case you want something a bit newer!








0 Responses to Flu – 70’s Style

  • Swine flu? In 1976? I was led to believe this was a TOTALLY NEW DISASTER.

  • Interesting that this book is dated 1976 but it mentions catching the swine flu

  • I thought the Swine Flu was new. Guess not. I think a good epidemic would lead to Jensen and Jared on Supernatural taking their shirts off in every episode.

  • I’ll admit to being old enough to remember lining up as a college freshman in 1977 to take the swine flu vaccine. I swore to my math 101 instructor the shot mad me so sick I couldn’t take a test two days later and got an extension. I still had to take Math 101 over to graduate, but that’s another story.

  • Swine flu is not new, but the H1N1 2009 strain is.

  • And back then, there was also a lengthy debate about getting everyone inoculated.

  • Swine flu was really bad last time it hit, and because flu vaccinations were relatively new they were not properly administered and a lot of people got tainted vaccine.
    Because a lot of people got immunizations back in the 70’s people in their 50’s & 60’s were not on the priority list to get the H1N1 shot this time around… they were already covered by the last shot.
    My SIL is a public health nurse and the last few months were kind of hellish for her (she was the one answering the phone and trying to talk people down)
    Sleeve sneeze, wash your hands often, and keep fit/eat healthy and you should be ok.

  • I think all “new” flus have been around forever, just new strains develop/are found. (Who knows, H1N1 might’ve been around for a long time and we just didn’t have the technology to detect it. So it’s new to us.)

    I’ve never had a flu shot myself. I understand if you have certain allergies you shouldn’t get one. And I have LOTS of allergies.

    Now my SIL is in a high risk group – type 1 diabetes – and can’t get one. Kaiser is conviently out of them when it comes to her.

  • I love the part about moving to the country. Yes, even better, move out of the country, sicko.

  • Yes, H1N1 type flu has been around for quite a while… the 1918 “Spanish” Influenza was an H1N1 type. I got the “swine flu” vaccine back in junior high and the newest H1N1 vaccine last month.

    This is definitely a topic that needs to be current.