Flattering Feline Fashions

cat knits cover

Cat Knits

I am going to guess every librarian knitter/cat lover will be rushing to the stacks to grab this book with their knitting needles locked and loaded!

Who wouldn’t love to get their needles going on a big sweater that emphasizes the caboose by planting a semi-pissed off cat right in the center. How flattering! If you want to look like you are pregnant with an orange cat, check out the second picture below. Note the attached tail!

I have been attempting knitting for decades and can only manage a scarf that is crooked. I can appreciate the skill demonstrated. I am definitely going to get some of our more experienced knitters at work to give one of these a go. If sweaters aren’t your thing, check out the cat cozies in the last picture.

Happy Knitting!


cat knits back cover

orange cat sweater

cat knit sweater with cat

red cat sweater on a man

orange and black cat sweater with blue

lion sweater and hat

cats and cozies



  1. I loved this book at the time! I never made anything from it but I admired the sweaters. Luckily, my taste has evolved since then.

  2. This book must have been made by someone who secretly hates cats and wanted to make others feel the same way. I love cats, but I hate sweaters, so this book is a total nightmare to me.

  3. I happen to love Cats the musical, and I adore the fact that they have a Rumpleteazer sweater that has her dancing on it.

  4. Love the background texture of the cover, which looks like the cats have been shedding all over it.

  5. I crochet and I’m a crazy cat lady in training, but I would never wear something like this and never consider wasting my time making it. This is the type of book people who spin their cat’s shed fur into yarn need. “Wear your cat’s portrait AND wear your cat at the same time!”

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