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Fix Your Nerves with Jesus

Freedom From Fear coverHow to have Freedom from Fear, Worry and Your Case of Nerves

Isn’t this cover awesome in its awfulness? I think the best part is if you are free from worry, one half of your face will be smooth and young looking.

This little number came from a church library and is all about how scripture will heal all that mental illness. Anxiety, OCD, and “sexual perversions” are all fixable with a little bit of Bible talk. I particularly like the quiz on dealing with reality. In case you are interested, I didn’t do too well on the quiz (last picture). I guess I am headed to an institution soon. Oh wait, I am already there sitting at a reference desk with the other people not dealing with reality.

Institutionalized at the Library,


Mental Hospital Admissions Show Increase

Sex relations and perversion

Trying to escape reality

25 Responses to Fix Your Nerves with Jesus

  • Actually it can be a big help. People shouldn’t refuse Doctor treatment but God can be a big help too.

    • God can certainly be a big help. But any kind of medical advice from 1954, mental or physical, religious or secular, is not relevant.

    • Have to go with Reets on this, and I believe in God. Religion itself has gone through a lot of changes.

      That being said, you are right. It’s been found that prayer, even if you don’t believe in God, reduces stress. Cause you’re just letting out all your worries and fears to someone who doesn’t interrupt you or tries to play the “Well, my stress is worse than your’s” game. And reducing stress can make medicines work more efficiently cause your own body and mind isn’t working against you.

      • prayer if you don’t believe in god does not reduce stress unless you consider dishonesty a stress reducer.

  • Since when is reading a sign of mental illness?

    • Probably as soon as you pick up something that isn’t the Bible.

    • The crazier branches of Christianity have big problems with anyone getting an education (to them, education leads to questioning the bible), but especially girls. The more educated a woman is, the more likely she is to want a life beyond being a slave to her husband and popping out babies.

  • Half my face should look like a 90-year old hag by now if that cover photo is accurate at all, but I’ve been told I look young for my age.

  • So, not really being a people person=mentally ill. *insert eyeroll here*

  • Is question 7 (movies and TV) supposed to be an either-or? Or are they giving you two chances to give the wrong answer?

  • Long been the opiate of the people.

  • Having just left a budget hearing, I am pretty danged sure I am fighting a losing battle! And I watch movies alone (because the cats don’t like ’em) and I know that I read too much. Too, too, too much!

  • Obviously, the leading cause of mental illness is California.

    • Too bad there aren’t any vote down buttons here. I have no idea what your comment is supposed to mean, but I find it dismissive of the mentally ill. A very flippant comment with absolutely no basis.

      • Ditto. I have a psychiatric diagnosis and I live in California. I can assure you there is no cause-and-effect.

      • Most likely the comment is referring to the sample pages shown here and how they repeatedly name California in association with mental illness.

  • The unworried half of the face on the cover looks like it has a Dick Cheney snarl!

    • too bad whatever fixed her face couldn’t do something about that hairdo.

      • That hairdo reminds me the one of Mamie Eisenhower. Maybe it was self inflicted, the bangs looks as if they were chopped with an ax.. I wouldn’t pay a hairdresser to cut my hair like that.

  • A lot of the questions on that quiz would be helpful in diagnosing depression…

  • The lurid, in-your-face presentation reminds me of “Marriage Insurance”, also gone over on this site.

  • The lady on the cover needs to work on her Two-Face cosplay.

    I notice that the interior text is full of spelling and grammatical errors, as well as grocer’s quotes. Always a sign of quality!

  • Page 51: “… homosexual demon”. The best dressed and groomed of all the demons! *snort*