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Fitness on a Swing Set

Fitness on a Swing Set with Training Programs
Goeller and Dowd

Submitter: We have had Fitness on a Swing Set with Training Programs for about 5 years and it has never circulated in that time. Further research showed that other branches in the system also had copies which hardly circulated. The pictures in the book had staff laughing. We couldn’t imagine why no would want to check out the book, head over to the nearest park, and start exercising! Honestly, I’m not sure what I would think if I saw someone doing these exercises at the park.

Holly: I’d think “good for him!”…but I’d still laugh. It just looks like he’s showing off. This is actually an ok choice for public libraries, but if it hasn’t circulated in five years, it’s clearly not working in yours.

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10 Responses to Fitness on a Swing Set

  • I think I may know why this book doesn’t circulate well. Parks in my area seem to have signs posted about the upper age that is allowed on the equipment. The guy pictured there is quite a bit above it. (Parks around here also don’t have hard surfaces under the swings anymore, either.)

    • I understand why they do it, but I was always sad that I couldn’t use the swings even though there was noone else around using them.

  • This absolutely looks like the suspension part of TRX Training. I looked up the history of TRX to see if there was any connection. No, the story of TRX is that the founder was inspired by his SEAL training. Maybe the author of this one had a similar inspiration? However he wrote this weedable book instead of starting a successful fitness franchise!

  • I guess I understand the rule, but I’m older than that guy and I still go on the swings occasionally. Parents don’t seem to want to watch their kids at a playground is the problem.

    • Too right.

    • Swings are fun–it’s great for your mental health to act like a kid. I can see restrictions for two reasons: if the playground is crowded with kids or if the swing set is kid-sized. The big-old metal stand with long chains, sturdy slings and concrete footings should accommodate an adult during off-hours. Then go burn your bottom sliding down a big metal slide!

  • too bad it wasn’t more popular – i guess the planned follow-up fitness at a petting zoo is dead on arrival

  • At least it is not on the toddler swing. I know this will date me but also it is not done on a older swing set that had metal seat swings! (I’ve been hurt a lot.)

  • This really seems like a great idea–nothing to buy!