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Submitter: We complain a lot about ALA Editions around here. They always come out many months behind schedule, fall apart almost immediately, and cost three times as much as any other publisher’s works on the topic. But apparently they’ve improved. The excessive white space is throughout the book.

Holly: What an awful cover!  Those kids look totally zoned out, mesmerized by television.  Mostly, though, my beef with this book is that it won’t include any films older than 1977.  The kids this was written for are in their 30s and 40s!  I’ve added a border around the images below to better illustrate the white space that Submitter is talking about.  That part isn’t as obvious here, but there really is quite a ridiculous margin on each page.

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  1. I think the wide margins were a feature to allow the programmer plenty of room for notes.

  2. “The Animals Are Crying” and “BLT” sound lovely. I’ll have to look those titles up for the next time a baby sit.

  3. I was a child in the 1980s but this book reminds me of why I refused to watch animal movies from the 60s and 70s. Why did film makers assume kids like to see animals die at the end of every movie?

    I’m curious to know what the older children wanted to do after watching the pig movie:

    a) Visit a slaughterhouse
    b) Eat a BLT sandwich
    or c) Become a vegetarian

    A and B seem to be the reactions I see from kids when they first learn where meat comes from. (Others do take a middle view of not liking the facts but accepting them as necessary for them to eat and enjoy meat).

  4. Holy hell that cover! Looks like something you’d see and be scarred for life by in the Horror section of the video store!

    “The Animals Are Crying” and “BLT” both sound like laugh riots.

  5. I can tell you with utter confidence that the scene with cats being euthanized wouldn’t have provoked “intense discussion” from me as a kid – more like tears and nightmares. I can’t even watch those animal cops shows as an adult without getting upset.

  6. What the hell??? I want to know who the “older kids” are who liked the pig slaughtering film. I will stay far, far away from those adults.

  7. The children on the cover look that way because they were made to watch BLT and The Animals are Crying.

  8. This seems to come from the “it’s only good for kids if it’s serious” school of thought–Ashes of Doom doesn’t sound like such a winner to me.

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