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Fifi’s Adventures

Everyone Is Someone
Fifi Monteux

Submitter: My mind was blown by this one, which was lurking in my mid-sized public library’s 781s. The author is the French poodle on the cover who recounts her adventures living with an orchestra conductor. I. Can’t. Even.

Holly: Cute. I’d argue that if this book ever belonged anywhere it was a mid-size public library’s 781s…fifty years ago.  Unless for some wild reason it circulates a few times a year and is still in reasonably good shape (which, if it has circulated regularly for fifty years it probably won’t be), no one will miss it. My neighbor growing up had a Siamese cat that wrote a book. He was weird. (The neighbor. The cat was fairly normal.)

Mary: I think it was the name Fifi that did me in.

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