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Another fashion choice compliments of your library. Not a bad purchase for 1996 in terms of information. Lots of basics for fit and coordinating fashion choices. Also many of the “live” models are of different sizes and shapes, too bad every single person in this book is white. I guess people of color don’t need fashion help.

We have another mention of that 80s and 90s trend of color analysis. Even back in the day, I could not tell the difference from one season to another or what colors looked “better”. I guess I am doomed to be a pasty librarian wearing the wrong color cardigan.


looking good back cover

seasoal coloring chart

sporty natural clothes

make up instruction

how to accessorize

how to pair accesories with face shape

coordinated outfits

scarf tying




  1. I was a teenager/young adult during the 90’s, and the clothes I remember being most popular of that decade were:
    -Distressed jeans with holes or patches.
    -Overalls, preferably with one strap undone.
    -Baseball caps worn backwards.
    -High-top sneakers
    -Jean jackets
    -Fleece hoodie-type jackets that came in very bright neon colors
    -“Grunge” look (loose flannel shirts, baggy jeans, sneakers)
    -T-shirts with Disney or Loony Tunes characters, usually wearing cool, hip 90’s fashions. (one of my favorites)
    -Nothing that’s shown in this book.

  2. Of course people of color didn’t need fashion tips. Just as all white men can’t jump.
    Those hairstyles alone are enough reason to toss this one out. I doubt you’ll see any ethnicity rocking those these days.

  3. Gracious me, that look on page 69! At no time before or since the publication of this book would that have been a successful American outfit. If I saw someone so dressed I would assume she was brand new to Western culture. Or a homeless person.

  4. OMG! I owned that sweater on page 13, complete with shoulder pads. I agree, this is more 80’s than 90’s. I worked in the home office for a women’s clothing store in the 80’s. This brings back memories.

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