Fashionable Quilted Vests

"The Kids Are Alright"
Cosmo Girl DIY

classic quilted vests

Classic Quilted Vests
Fons and Porter

I am a fan of quilting, and although I lack real skills, I can appreciate the skills and would love to make a quilt with any of these patterns. However, I just don’t want to WEAR a blanket as a fashion statement. In terms a fashion, these quilts are just a step above the sweatshirt makeovers we have featured all the time on this site. In fact, how about the combo of sweatshirts AND and quilting? 

I am impressed with the skills. I just wish they had used their quilting skills for good rather than evil.


back cover

decorations for vests

country style vests




  1. Quilted vests was a trend at one time. You have to give Fons and Porter credit, they started a quilting empire including a magazine and television show.

  2. Nice compare and contrast with the books! After the pure skankiness of yesterday’s offering, here comes the neo-Little House on the Prairie quilted vests.

  3. Between the matching quilt vests and the isolated farm atmosphere, am i the only one thinking this is giving off cult vibes?

  4. I feel like some of these wouldn’t have seemed so awful back in 1982, when the book came out? I can picture my 1982-era, Kindergarten-teacher mom wearing a couple of the more earth-toned patterns, for example.

  5. Literally quilted vests.

    The top-center one looks like it might make a nice pattern on a leather vest. If one wore leather vests. And skipped all that patterning on the light part.

    The ones on the right are just trying too hard though.

  6. 1982, huh? I always thought these kind of vests were more of a 70s thing. But then again, I was born that year, so they were probably out of style by the time I was old enough to notice them much.

  7. I just removed this book and several others like it from my library. While we have a lot of students who make various things in fiber arts – none of them want to make a hideous quilted vest!


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