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Fashion Tips for Cheapskates

Dress Better For Less
1001 Tips for Saving Money on Quality Clothes

Another book that would be great for 1981 but idiotic for 2016. I am all over books that offer money saving tips. I doubt any of the advice would be worthwhile 30 plus years later. I can promise not a single featured outfit is on anyone’s “to buy” list.

Just an aside, the lady on the back cover, upper left, looks like Dustin Hoffman’s character “Dorothy” from Tootsie. I think it is the glasses.


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10 Responses to Fashion Tips for Cheapskates

  • This is the kind of book that would work well as a book updated every three to five years. Who bothers, though?

  • Somehow I knew there would be at least one women’s outfit with the bow at the neck!

  • Someday it will all be in fashion again. …NOT!

  • Tootsie says: ‘Wrap-around short skirts, with polka dots inside and strawberries on the outside’ are apparently a ‘preppy fad’. That’s pretty specific, does anyone remember that fashion?

    • Yes I do remember those skirts. Maybe not in those prints. They were usually a solid color on one side and a print on the other. 2 skirts for the price of one. Paired well with the bow blouse.

  • DVF dresses as a fad… she was proven wrong on that one!

    • I noticed that too! She’s fairly spot on with the “preppy classics” though.

      • Well… I think wearing Topsiders without socks is still pretty standard. But I would never have considered Gucci loafers with gold buckles preppy to begin with. Ugh.

  • I find it kind of funny that the drawing of the prep woman is doing a Veronica hand behind the head pose.

  • The guy in the three-piece suit reminds me of “Mr. Carlin” from the Bob Newhart Show — the one where he is a psychologist. It was in reruns on a local TV station here for a while, great stuff.