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I know everyone is running to get some info on how to make that stylin’ suit on the cover. The ultra wide tie really pulls it all together. (Sidenote: I believe there is a rogue photo of my husband as a teenager dressed up in a similar manner. He denies all knowledge of this alleged photo.)

I really love some of the fashion stuff from yesteryear. I crack up about what we all thought was so cool back in the day. Then I cry because I am old.




how to measure


13 Responses to Fashion for your man

  • Even though the book is old, the principles of sewing now are exactly the same — where and how to take measurements, fabric characteristics, making seams of various kinds, etc. It could still be very useful for anyone learning to sew.

    • But libraries are not the TARDIS. They’re not bigger on the inside. This is fine for the private collection of someone who makes costumes and/or cosplays themselves. But not for a public library.

      That being said, if someone can find a book that has how to sew Karl Kolchak’s suit (Kolchak The Night Stalker) let me know. I want to eventually do a gender-bent Kolchak cosplay.

      • Is there such a thing as 70s cosplay?

        • There’s lots of characters from the 1970s who are popular still. 1970s versions of super heroes, Kolchak The Night Stalker was a 1970s tv program, Saturday Night Fever is still a very popular movie, etc. So I’m sure if you went to Comic Con you’d see a few people dressed in 1970s versions of the X-Men or Superman if you looked.

    • But, would they know it from the cover? Maybe have it rebound?

  • cover: the intelligent design hypothesis posits that pies were created specifically to be thrown in these two’s faces

  • Hey! hot pants. Don’t laugh – I had some, but mine were much less ugly.

  • How tall ARE those men in the illustrations?

  • I LOVE that dress on the cover. Very Diane Von Furstenberg!

  • In 1972 I made incredibly wide neckties for all the menfolk on my Christmas list. Some even wore them in public.