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I know everyone is running to get some info on how to make that stylin’ suit on the cover. The ultra wide tie really pulls it all together. (Sidenote: I believe there is a rogue photo of my husband as a teenager dressed up in a similar manner. He denies all knowledge of this alleged photo.)

I really love some of the fashion stuff from yesteryear. I crack up about what we all thought was so cool back in the day. Then I cry because I am old.




how to measure




  1. Even though the book is old, the principles of sewing now are exactly the same — where and how to take measurements, fabric characteristics, making seams of various kinds, etc. It could still be very useful for anyone learning to sew.

    1. But libraries are not the TARDIS. They’re not bigger on the inside. This is fine for the private collection of someone who makes costumes and/or cosplays themselves. But not for a public library.

      That being said, if someone can find a book that has how to sew Karl Kolchak’s suit (Kolchak The Night Stalker) let me know. I want to eventually do a gender-bent Kolchak cosplay.

        1. There’s lots of characters from the 1970s who are popular still. 1970s versions of super heroes, Kolchak The Night Stalker was a 1970s tv program, Saturday Night Fever is still a very popular movie, etc. So I’m sure if you went to Comic Con you’d see a few people dressed in 1970s versions of the X-Men or Superman if you looked.

            1. But how will you learn to make their costumes without a reference to the style they wore? Cosplayers do make costumes based on those older designs. Look at the dude who’d been dubbed Captain Dad.



              Granted, this is a 1940s look but all the same – if someone wants to cosplay Luke Cage as he looked in the 1970s they’re going to need a book on how to sew a 1970s type outfit. My own hoped for cosplay is going to need me somehow getting someone to make me a female version of Carl Kolchak’s iconic blue suit.

              Now I’m not at all saying this needs to stay in a public library. But I assure you, somewhere out there is a cosplayer – or even just a costume designer for theaters and movies – who would love this for their personal library as it will help them with their planned cosplay Clark Kent circa 1973.

  2. cover: the intelligent design hypothesis posits that pies were created specifically to be thrown in these two’s faces

  3. In 1972 I made incredibly wide neckties for all the menfolk on my Christmas list. Some even wore them in public.

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