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Fashion Careers

Career Opportunities in Fashion coverOpportunities in Fashion

Another career book that will kill me! This is NOT where Tim Gunn says “make it work”. This is where we weed it and get something fashion forward! The age of this book does nothing to further the interests of budding designers.

I believe I owned similar looking pair of pants (picture 3). I also had some platform shoes to really pull the whole look together. The 70s were so groovy.


Fashion Merchandising

Careers in Manufacturing

3 Responses to Fashion Careers

  • My favorite book on ’70s fashions is Interior Desecrations”.

  • Aren’t most mfg positions for fashion in third world countries now?

  • Yikes — I was still in fashion retailing when this book came out, and believe me, we did not look like that collection of people in the first photo! It looks like a homeless convention, pardon my non-PC utterance. As for the cover, ugh — looks like an entire garment made of rick-rack. What an odd choice.