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Looking Terrific
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First, props to the author for using the word “weeding” with respect to one’s personal wardrobe. Second, I kind of like how this book is set up with before and after. As a certified Glamour “don’t”, this is much better at illustrating the concepts of the author.  I actually understood what the author was trying to present. Fashion choices for both before and after? Yikes!  We really had hideous clothes back in the 1970s.



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  1. I’m sure they weren’t trying to be racist, but…wow. “This woman is too ethnic for proper clothes,” is the message that spread sends.

    1. Seconding. There’s a grudging admission that she can pull off a suit, with the hint that “if she can, everyone can,” but it’s clear the author wants ethnic types in their ethnic boxes. So they can express their unique ethnic personality.

  2. While it is a blessing that most of these pictures aren’t in color, I’d really like to see the plaid suit in all its glory. My bets are on Rust and Dijon Mustard in color.

  3. When I first saw this I couldn’t figure out why the ‘tailored look’ so proper for the Anglo woman was so wrong for the ‘ethnic’ woman. To be honest, I couldn’t figure what the ethnicity of the ethnic woman was supposed to be. The suggested dress still didn’t give me a clue.

    Yeah, this might be useful in a school like FIT as an object lesson of what not to assume when designing clothing for women.

  4. I don’t even see that the ‘ethnic’ woman is of any particular ethnic group. Also, the ethnic dress in which she is supposed to feel comfortable would be nice for a hostess outfit but not for everyday street wear.

    Like other books of this type, a school such as the Fashion Institute of Technology could easily find a place for it. It no longer belongs in a public collection.

  5. I think the correct message is that classic tailoring usually flatters everyone. Height, body type, and skin tone should be considered when choosing colors and patterns. Don’t put true red, pure white, or bright yellow anywhere near my face! They make me look deathly pale or ill. The woman with strong features, dark eyes, brows and hair, and rich complexion has the advantage of being able to wear classics and more adventuresome patterns or color combinations. Kinda wish I could see her in the monster boho dress.

  6. I do like that they don’t have everyone slump and look sad in the Befores and then perk up and smile in the Afters.

  7. The larger woman isn’t large, but regardless of size, everyone would probably look better in the non-plaid outfit. And a small woman in that giant plaid would look even worse than a larger woman!

    I can’t tell what “ethnicity” neither she nor the “ethnic” dress is supposed to be, in addition to the casual racism. Shouldn’t it have been some blonde blue-eyed bimbo in ethnic wear as the fashion don’t?

    PS Hey, Dave van Domelen!

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