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shed pounds coverShed pounds with cocktails and gourmet fare
Voss and Voss

Now this is a diet I can get on board with: cocktails and gourmet food! I am sure the title alone would make anyone pick up this book. So what is the magic secret? Sadly, this isn’t magic. This is actually a diet that restricts carbs. (You knew it had to be too good to be true.) As long as you restrict your carb intake to less than 60 grams, you should be good to go. I guess this is a precursor to Atkins by a few years. Say goodbye to bread and desserts. The drinking portion of this program is limited to liquor in small amounts and is barely addressed in the book. The gourmet aspect is also a bit disappointing. Evidently, the authors are defining gourmet generously. Nothing particularly exciting or earth shattering; it is basically regular fare minus carbs or sugar.

I guess you better embrace the booze, because you can say goodbye to potatoes, pasta, or sugar.


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  1. Looks like if you’re a teetotaler or a recovering alcoholic you’re doomed to be overweight for the rest of your life. Fad diets are just that, fads.

  2. Some of the recipes don’t sound bad although the writing is sloppy. The recipe for eggs en Gelee doesn’t include either the eggs or the ham.

    The book reminds me of the ‘Healthy Man’s Diet’ that I found in an issue of Vogue from the 1950s. It was very heavy on steak and alcohol. Perhaps it should have been called the ‘How To Become a Finanially Healthy Widow’s Diet’.

    Books like this could find a place in the library of a culinary school but it doesn’t belong in a public library any more.

  3. Oh, yeah, broiled calves liver, stewed tomatoes and jellied grapefruit salad! My idea of gourmet dining! Tell you what–for the Eggs En Gelee, throw away the consomme and gelatin and give me the cognac.

  4. Well, with words like “liver,” “jellied,” “stuffed with ham filling,” and “saccharine tablets” sprinkled throughout, maybe the whole idea was just to turn the potential dieter off from eating altogether.

  5. Just like the “cabbage soup diet”, I would lose so much weight because I just wouldn’t eat.


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