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Famous Negro Athletes

Famous Negro Athletes - cover

Famous Negro Athletes

Submitter: I found this gem in the teen sports section of my local public library. I give them credit for including a woman. However, this screams “update me!”

Holly: Again, this belongs somewhere, but not in the teen section of your basic local public library. There are so many people missing from this volume! Also, this book pre-dates the deaths of these athletes. Only two are still alive at the time of this writing: Willie Mays and Jim Brown.


Famous Negro Athletes - contents

Famous Negro Athletes - Althea Gibson

9 Responses to Famous Negro Athletes

  • pg 133 doesn’t seem to sugar coat things.

  • No argument with those the book does list, but a more up-to-date edition would have, for male basketballers alone, Bill Russell, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant, Steph Curry, LeBron James etc etc etc … For tennis players, Arthur Ashe, Venus & Serena Williams, for all sports I could go on and on …

  • And of course the updated edition would have to be called “Famous African-American Athletes” since “Negro” is at least horribly dated, if not as bad as That Other N-Bomb. (Also a lot of other countries, in and out of Africa, have world-class black athletes as well: better make that Famous Athletes of African Descent and that’ll cover most everywhere)

    • Or maybe “Famous Athletes of Color”?

      • Yeah, let’s include diver Sammy Lee, figure skater Michelle Kwan and basketballer Jeremy Lin for those of Asian descent, and for Native Americans multi-sport guy Jim Thorpe and distance runner Billy Mills. Afr-Ams are great and athletes of other colors deserve a shout-out too!

  • Not likely to circulate in most collections, but Arna Bontemps is a big deal (he may have been the first African American to receive a Newbery Honor, in fact), so this has curricular relevance beyond the subject.

  • Probably a good book for its time! Long past due pulling it from circulation.

  • What, no Muhammad Ali ???

  • At least they left handy gaps in the table of contents so you can fill in the death dates!