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Family Violence

Everything You Need to Know About Family Violence

Submitter: We’re weeding our nonfiction collection for the first time in a long time, and we have come across some real gems. Sadly, a lot of these books deal with serious issues, but I’m willing to bet there are better materials out there. (And even if there aren’t, we’re definitely not keeping these…)

Holly: What a horrible cover!  The bloody doll is staring at me and will probably permeate my dreams.  This is a very serious issue, and deserves serious attention.

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  • With these pictures, I say it’s a how-to book! Horrid!

  • Yikes! Nightmare-inducing indeed. Definitely time to weed it. There are many more recent books about this grim topic.

  • That cover–oh God, that cover!

  • Yeesh! They couldn’t have used drawings?

  • disclamer- family violence is a serious issue. is you or someone you know is suffering from family violence please get help.

    A snort just escaped when I saw the cover of this book. And then the phrase “Oh no they didn’t.” On further examination my favorite part is how one eye is only half way open as if the doll just can’t take it any more.

    And good lord, think of the trauma inflicted on the poor child model!

  • I was that boy’s age in the mid-eighties. That could have been my Dad and me in that second pic. Or my Mom and me. She had a wide, heavy belt from the seventies that she’d use on me. Funny thing is, when I’ve asked her about it, she swears she never hit me once and that I must actually be remembering the Principal at my elementary school paddling me.

  • Goodness — if the adult treats the DOLL that badly, just THINK how the child is being beaten to a pulp!

    In the 1969-75 era, my mother actually told my 1st grade teacher (and those thereafter) that if the class was acting up she had permission to beat me and ‘scare the hell out of the others’. True. Granted I don’t recall it happening LOL. That said, I DO recall being completely singled out and isolated in 4th grade while all the other children sat their tables in groups of 4. That would have been grounds for an outrageous lawsuit these days. (they should have thought about having a class size divisible by 4, huh?). I won the Young Author’s Contest that year, and the 4th grade spelling bee, so pwwwwwt!

  • Now hold on a second here — that second picture is not accurate, as there appears to be daylight. No we all know that OUR fathers didn’t begin the beatings until they came home from the bar, generally about 1:30am.

  • Yeah, it needs one of those big wide white 70s belts with the triple buckle holes to be truly accurate. You want to talk about raising welts? Hell yeah! Not that abuse should be condoned, but living in terror has kept me from returning (or never leaving) home, which is more than I can say for fellow members of my generation.

  • My friend’s mom had a 1″ thick paddle with holes drilled in it. Lucky for me she wasn’t allowed to use it on me. But I scrubbed her bathtub a lot.

  • My father beat me when he got home from work. Mom wasn’t home yet. He used to arrive before her on just about every work day.

    Unfortunately, this reminds me of what I went through at the hands of my rotten stepfather, but I think these books are important. I hope there are updated versions.

    • I’m sure there are more recent books with more up to date statistics and contact info for relevent assistance agencies. This is horrifying.

  • I see the picture of the belt and I still feel fear. I still hear the sound of a belt buckle and I panic. My biological father enjoyed the belt immensely.
    I don’t think this should be weeded. As a child this book would have grabbed my attention and maybe, just maybe I would have known how wrong the beatings were. Sorry to be heavy on a fun website but I know for sure there were millions of children that were punished this way and probably there still are.

    • The thing of it is that this book is out of date and a lot of the information would have changed as new psychological things come to light.

      So what the library needs is a more up to date version.

      I was spanked as a kid but never with a belt or a paddle and only as an absolutely last resort. I won’t deny that I did, a handful of times, get out and out beaten by my mom. However, her mother did much worse to her and grandma’s step-mom who started this cycle of abuse was twice as bad. We’re talking denial of food and locking them in the cellar in winter (in Illinois) wearing nothing but their underwear. Still, this is why I don’t want kids. I’m afraid I’ll beat them.

      • Jami,

        I struggled with the same issue before I had kids. I now have a 12 & 14 year old and have never resorted to the actions of my father. My father still does not see anything wrong with how he “raised” me and my brother (who got it 10 times worse than me.) I realize there is a very real cycle of abuse but I also think it is a cop out for violent behaviour. I chose to stop the cycle. My father could have chosen to stop it. You too can choose to end the cycle. Don’t let the fear of beating your children stop you from one of the biggest blessings on the planet.
        If you go in to parenting knowing your potential behaviour and how wrong it is you can prepare yourself. My father lived in denial and that was his downfall..

  • Oh sh*t! I am officially traumatized from that creeptastic doll.