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furs-1Furs: An Appreciation of Luxury, a Guide to Value

Submitter: I dug up this guide to fur coats and accessories last week. It’s from 1978.  I love the chapter “Furs for men-why not?”

Holly: Fashion faux-pas aside, what really bothers me about this book is the purchasing advice and industry information.  Are furs a good investment these days? Does this book talk about fake fur options?





  1. I wouldn’t think it would be a good investment. Someone from PETA would probably throw paint on you.

  2. Fashion furs for fun and fantasy, eh? Meanwhile, I’m surprised PETA hasn’t tried to get this book banned.

  3. The fact is, it looks better on the animals. There are plenty of other options that don’t as a necessity involve animal cruelty. Especially the seal coats…someone should have taken both the authors and the wearers out to see how the seal pups are brutally killed for those coats.

  4. Something tells me chapter 4 doesn’t quite go into the disgusting way fur comes off the animal to become a tacky coat.

  5. If it’s for fashion I don’t have a problem with fur, but I wouldn’t look at fur as an investment. It’s expensive to store, and from my experience with 2 inherited fur coats, a seal and a mink, they have very limited resale value and are expensive to repair or remodel.

  6. Farmed fur – like rabbits – I don’t have a problem with. It’s really no different then wearing a leather jacket. Wild animal fur though it’s a different story.

    I do know not to buy fur from China. It’s often not the animals they claim but rather dog or cat.

    As for PETA, they’re full of crap anyway. They’re well known for kidnapping peoples’ pets, murdering them, and throwing their bodies in dumpsters. Though I don’t agree with Pen & Teller on everything – like their views on religion – I do suggest you folks go look up their episode of Bullsh*t on PETA and their cruelty to animals and humans.

  7. “Edythe Cudlipp” reminds me of an episode of Dragnet where Friday says “Of course it’s a real name; who could invent an alias like that?”

    The Fur Council appears to still exist: http://www.fur.org/

    The “big men” who go for fur in a “big way” are AWESOME!

    Definitely look for an up to date book on the subject though; 30+ years is probably enough to invalidate much of the information in here, especially pricing.

  8. @MM, actually, only mature seals are hunted nowadays. Hunting white-coat (baby) seals was banned in the 1970s in the United States and in the 1980s in Canada. Besides, compaired to the way cattle, pork and chicken are raised and slautered, sealing looks pretty humane. Not that I’d want a seal coat for fashion or investment.

  9. PETA, when you look at all the nutty things they do, are a bunch of extremist lunatics. No sane person believes in torturing animals but come on now. Asking the Pet Shop Boys to change their name? Asking the town of Hamburg to change to Veggieburg? Are we supposed to take them seriously?

    It’s not easy to find fur nowadays even as a trim on a jacket (which is the most I’d probably want it for). I’m big into leather though. It’s a cliche phrase but you don’t see them protesting biker gangs.

  10. Late, I know, but… you do realize PETA represents the lunatic fringe of the animal rights movement, right? This is not how most people who believe in this cause act.

  11. I was well prepared to back up my remark after I posted it in this forum. I was also prepared to be crucified here…what a surprise to find allies who do not find fur offensive. Thank-you fellow librarians!

  12. Francesca, I’m not sure where you are getting your information, but as an ashamed Canadian I can inform you that we do, in fact, have an annual seal hunt in which pups are killed. Technically they have to be in the 12-14 day old ballpark, but that is hardly “mature”.

  13. Arianna, Yes, I know we have a seal hunt, but it is illegal to kill the white coat pups that are the face of the anti-seal hunt advertisements. I’ll grant that ‘mature’ was an overstatement.

  14. Arianna. Read up the life cycle of the harp seal. The seals at 12 to 14 weeks may not be sexually mature, but they have finished weaning. The mothers will have left them to return to the sea, and never have any more to do with them. The young seals are abandoned on the ice until hunger forces them off the ice to fend for themselves. Many die anyway. They are grown enough to be capable, fully formed and efficient killing machines, and killing is what they do as soon as they hit the water and start hunting for their own food. Not all animals are like us!!

  15. Forget about PETA throwing paint on fur. It looks like from the above comments PETA is throwing their paint in this forum.

  16. I don’t know why everybody is complaining about PETA here. Sure, PETA sucks, but there are 15 million other animal rights groups doing great work, including anti-fur, anti-leather, anti-seal hunt stuff.

    As far as the people saying that the seals are nearly adults when they are killed, I can tell you that I am a research and information fiend and do work in the animal rights community. Whether or not you feel that that the hunt is morally justified is entirely up to the individual, but we should at least get the facts right so we are all on the same page. Hunters (these are commercial hunters, not natives, who have an entirely different and far less obscene hunt) are legally allowed to kill seals once they are no longer white coats, which means that they are 2 weeks old. They are known as “beaters” after this point, which only means that they’ve begun to lose their white fur, not that they don’t have any left at all. The mother seals have not left them, and the pups are pretty much immobile on the ice. They cannot swim. Once they are killed, their fur is stripped and their bodies are left on the ice. The Canadian government is struggling to find a market for the rest of the seal, but there just isn’t much demand because seal meat tastes lousy. There is a small market for seal penises in China, but the rest of the animal is generally left on the ice to rot.

  17. I don’t know what’s sadder, this book or the fact that some still find cruelty for the sake of fashion trends A-OK…

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