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Eye Color, Sex, and Children's Behavior coverEye Color, Sex, and Children’s Behavior
Gary and Glover

Submitter: An eye-catcher. The gist seems to be that because light-eyed animals react differently to predators than dark-eyed animals do, then eye color will also affect learning styles of children in school.  The chapter on eye color and substance abuse is a bit of a red herring. They basically say that the study’s subjects were offended by the questions on substance use and most declined to answer, but it’s an important enough topic that someone else should take a stab at it.

Holly: This is a bizarre book for a public library.  If WorldCat’s holdings can be trusted, it’s available at several public libraries of various sizes.  Or was it in an academic library? It’s still a strange study, but at least that’s the place for it.  (Or, was the place for it 30 years ago…)

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addictive behavior

addictive behavior



  1. The study in the paper showed an alcohol addiction rate of something like 48% in the dark-eyed group of inmates and 52% in the light-eyed group. That hardly seems like a significant difference.

    Really, the most notable thing was that half of all inmates in the study are alcohol abusers. That’s way more than the general population.

  2. Hmmm. My daughters are one of each – one is an abuser, the other is not. But it doesn’t match the statistics quoted here…

  3. I think this book was a rhetorical straw man refutation tactic effectively arguing against the presumptions inherent in other publications claiming some kind of causation between skin color and personality, a stepping stone of the formative years of modern political correctness.

  4. I’d keep it under 130 – Parapsychology. But maybe I’m bias and dark eyed.

  5. Are the animals tested of the same or of different species?
    I’d think a planteater would behave different from a meateater, regardless of eye colour. Did they look at species with varying eye colours, like dogs or cats? How do darkeyed cats behave?
    How dark is dark by the way? Is brown dark enough? How about pale brown? Dark blue?

  6. This would provide an interesting read. My premonition is that a pretty great amount of prejudice went into the writing of this book.

    However I would argue that the hereditary genes are linked more closely to what causes addiction than your eye color. Eye color is a a result of your gene makeup, not a determining factor, but a piece of the puzzle.

    My guess is if this survey were done know, the link would be much more obvious as to which children shared the same eye color as their father, not brown eyes equals a boozer. Does anyone else disagree?

    This was a great find though, thanks for sharing!

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