Evil Returns to the Craft Section

Hobby cover featuring applehead dolls

Popular Handicrafts and Hobbie$
Sherrer, Ed.
September 1979

Prepare yourselves: Applehead Dolls have returned.  Particularly disturbing are the applehead dolls that look like Santa. I am sure the kids will love them and totally re-think that whole decision on naughty v. nice.

As an added bonus, we also have an article about handwriting analysis for fun and profit. Move over Bill Gates, these people are going to make big money.


handwriting analysis article

handwriting examples

applehead character dolls

more applehead dolls and instructions



  1. Probably better to make witches and stuff for Halloween since it’s the one holiday where they’re *supposed* to be creepy. That handwriting analysis is pretty unusual, though. According to a test she once took, my mom has handwriting of a serial killer. She found that hilarious. And it is. 🙂

  2. True story: My MIL was a “handy” sort and tried her hand at apple-head dolls. She made one representing her husband and another of herself. They were stolen along with many family things (some quite valuable) from their summer home in Vermont; with sorrow my MIL gave what pictures she had of the stolen items to the police, among them the apple-head dolls. Eventually, the dolls were found during a drug raid; the thief made a full confession; most of my in-laws’ things were recovered; and the dolls are still in the house (though the maker and her model have both entered into rest). Moral: You never know what’s going to turn out to be useful knowledge.

  3. Just last week I was showing images of these and pantyhose dolls to a coworker who’s never heard of either. She was very creeped out by both. I don’t even see them sold in tourist traps anymore.

  4. in the original directors take of forrest gump forrest gets ipo shares of applehead dolls inc and that’s how come hes so rich in the end that he can by that church a new steeple

  5. My grand mother’s employer (a bank) paid for her to take a “handwriting analysis” course so she could see if people were going to write bad checks when they opened accounts.

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