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Everyone into the Pool!

A Child's Way to Water PlayA Child’s Way to Water Play

This book is pretty good for content. As a fan of swimming, (and safety!) this book shows parents and educators how water play can do a lot for child development and allay fears of water. All good stuff.

However, I am not a big fan of the cover art and I think the illustrations are a bit hokey for a book geared to educators and parents. Thankfully, Shank has upgraded to new edition for 2013. I think we can safely weed this edition for the newer, prettier one.

Serious weeding tip of the day:  If the authors and publishers think it needs updating, that should be your first clue to update your own copy.


Shower Fear

Flotation Devices

Swimming Lessons

Learning at home or outside

9 Responses to Everyone into the Pool!

  • Also, you probably don’t want to look up “water play” at urbandictionary.com.

    • We can’t avoid inadvertent double entendre, we can just weed the books that become too badly compromised.

  • I need to write a book–something along the lines of “A Child’s Guide to Scrubbing the Grout and Scum in The Shower to be Helpful to Mommy and Daddy…or something like that.

    • I nominate Doris Sanford to write this.

      • Mommy is an Ebonics-speaking drunk who has a job outside the house and Daddy was a lazy concentration camp guard, so you have to clean the shower and pool and kitchen and everything, or your retarded brother will throw a pillow at the furnace and burn down the house so you have to go to a satanistic foster home and get molested. There, does that hit all her bases?

        • You left out alarming talking animals. It needs a sheep or a dove offering unhelpful words of comfort every couple of pages. And if there are no hideous pastel drawings, I will demand my money back!

  • I kind of like the cartoony illustrations. After all, it’s called Water Play, not Water Work. 🙂

  • This is literally my new favorite website. I’m working towards being a librarian and this encourages me that it’s going to be pretty fun. 🙂

    • Fun is a function of your outlook to a great degree, but also funding, patrons, co workers and the physical plant. Enjoy your trip (: