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The submitter points out that this book is not politically correct – and they’re right, but that’s only one of its many flaws.

First of all, this is described as a “booklet.” Any booklet that has lasted 36 years and is still in what looks like reasonable condition was not used enough to be worth keeping.

Second of all, why are there seals on the cover? What do seals have to do with Inuit language? Location, sure, but it seems like they could come up with a more relevant cover – even for a booklet.

Next, the conversations included (see the pages included below) are ok…but not great. I mean, “You are slow” is a pretty rude thing to say to someone, even if it’s true. “I cannot stop you” is another strange phrase. How about “Where is the bathroom” and “The weather is cold”? Maybe they’re included in pages not submitted. Here’s hoping.


Conversational Eskimo Introduction

phrases about school

Phrases about speaking



  1. As was mentioned with the Army Russian phrasebook, these are kind of useless no matter what. If someone gets an answer that’s not in the book, how do they translate it?

    1. Exactly right, Lurker. When we were on a trip through Quebec, we were given a list of French phrases. One of the people in our group used the list to ask a shopkeeper, in French, “How much?” Of course, she had no idea what the answer meant.

  2. is there a pronunciation guide in this book(let)? if not, no wonder it was never checked out. or, as they say in “eskimo,” dkdnOKKlthdkkdtut.

    1. I was wondering the same thing! Some of the words just seem overwhelming, a person would be keeping their nose glued to that book just learning how to ask “Why?”.
      – Krys

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