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Entertaining Poetry

The Entertainer and Others

Submitter: It is a collection of poems circa late 70’s accompanied by black and white photos. The poems are not very good but the discovery of this gem did bring a great big smile to my face. You will be happy to know that it was not put back on the shelf.

Holly: The guy on the cover brings a smile to my face!  Ha!  Apparently, this is a collection of poems by a woman who has been “loved” by many musicians, who leave her when the gig is over.  At least it’s fodder for her poetry, which she apparently wrote enough of to fill a book!  (Just how many musicians loved her??)

Anyone have access to this book that could send a poem or two our way?

9 Responses to Entertaining Poetry

  • “(Just how many musicians loved her??)” — LMAO!!

  • He looks like a lounge singer. I can almost hear the lyrics “To all the girls I’ve loved before……”

  • I guess I am showing my age, who is the guy on the cover?

  • Kinda like Cynthia Plaster Caster, right?

  • It never ceases to surprise me that I can always tell a book published in the ’70’s by the clothes and hair. Everyone looks just awful, yet I can remember (yes, I’m that old!) when we thought everybody looked really, really cool. Ugh.

  • presumably ‘fros like that COULD BE worn today…but you just don’t see it now.

  • “Anyone have access to this book that could send a poem or two our way?”

    Er, uh, why am I seeing such a request so often on these submissions? The submitter, like many submitters before them, had the book in their hands. Why no excerpts? If I was going to submit a book, I’d be sure to choose some choice excerpts. Why not delay the post and message the submitter back requesting the excerpts?

  • I need this book in my home library.