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Enlarge it!

Enlarging is Thrilling coverEnlarging is Thrilling
-Or the Joy of Making Big Ones Out of Little Ones

I had no idea what was being enlarged until I picked up this little book. By the way, they are enlarging photos, which was not at all what I first thought. (Insert joke here.) Perhaps the author is going overboard with the word excitement, but far be it from me to judge someone’s idea of thrill-seeking.

This is a nice piece of history for photography nerds, however I doubt anyone in 2016 needs this along with your basic smart phone.


Where to Enlarge

The Big Thrill - Developing

Printing In - Dodging and Vignetting

Feeling Your Way

7 Responses to Enlarge it!

  • “One of the boys and I would like to get in her to do a little enlarging.”..how many times have I said that before?

    • I was trying to figure out in what way does that sentence/graphic NOT sound weird (there’s a naked person bathing in the tub!) then read the text and realized the enlargers needed the tub to float the prints around.

      I think.

  • I remember learning how to do this back in the dark ages! But even then my book was newer than this one. Basic non-digital photographic enlarging and editing still follow these same principles, but they don’t need to be stated in such a silly fashion.

  • Hahaha. “The joy of making big ones out of little ones”. Years ago, when I bought my first computer, I received an email with the subject: “make your little man grow” as new computer user, I made the mistake of opening the message…. What was I thinking! it was from a pharmacy with some bedtime story about a little man….probably they thought I was a man. I guess, a magnifier glass would be more effective than the pills they were peddling.
    By the way, I still have a similar machine, that, I bought for my daughter, around 1985,

  • I think I have this book in my personal collection of photography books.

    The book might be a nice addition to a collection of historical photography books, but probably is not all that relevant to the current crop of digital photographers.

  • The cat picture in black-and-white with darkened corners (p 29) predicts Instagram.

  • My wife asked if I pulled it ….