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Be Glad You’re Neurotic
1946 (original copyright 1936)

From my admittedly low effort research, Be Glad You’re Neurotic is an example of early pop psychology publications. (Think of this as a proto Dr. Phil or John Gray type of book.) Bisch wants everyone to embrace their inner crazy, the idea that this is what makes you a better human (ie. superior). Bottom line: You can cure yourself by just embracing your inner freak. Lots of hype and no substance, especially when Bisch starts utilizing his theory on social problems. Guess you can be “different” but not too different.


table of contents for be glad you're neurotic

special features of neurotics

characteristics of neurotics

superiority of neurotics

sexual problems with neurotics


    1. Obviously!

      I know neurotics with OCD or ADHD who perpetually do this to cookbooks, car repair manuals, etc.

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