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Electronic Games

Complete Guide to Electronic Games

Is that a Merlin?  Ohhh, I loved Merlin!  That, of course, was 30 years ago. If this were a price guide for collectors, it would be great.  Unfortunately, the phrase “rated for price and playability” on the cover refers to 1981.  You can’t even buy most of these electronic games any more. This copy is pretty worn out physically, too.

Nostalgia is nice, but a public library with limited shelf space is not the place for this.  It is completely irrelevant to today’s electronic game players.


8 Responses to Electronic Games

  • Ouch! once again I forgot to “check” some box that I swear I checked. Forgive me! Comment away!

  • A Speak n’Spell? E.T. would approve!

  • A friend just bought a copy of this last year for $40 from an online reseller.

  • I used to have one of those Speak n’Spells back in the day. Once you got past the creepy computer voice, they were great fun.

  • A neighbor of mine once did a Macintosh app that was along the idea of a speaknspell.

    Anyway, it looks like a misfit robot army.

  • I was too old for a Speak & Spell, but I had a Merlin! Might well still have it somewhere…

    I REALLY want this book.


    I got my brothers’ Merlin when they decided they were too old for it. Also their hand held basketball game where the players and ball were all just represented by little red dashes. When we remodeled the house I found Merlin, got excited, put batteries in, flipped the switch and – nothing. Not a single, solitary thing. I was so sad I put him on the shelf without ever turning it back to “off.”

    Then a few nights later all of a sudden I’m woken by the sound of “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” – I didn’t know where it was coming from. I looked around and – it was Merlin! He was alive! I switched him off then back on and he worked perfectly!

    Sadly, since moving back home from the rental we were in during the remodel, Merlin has vanished again. I just hope when I find him again the batteries haven’t started to leak.

  • I forget, but what’s that one game that is shown right above the author’s name. It looks familiar!