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Junk Food Companion coverThe Junk Food Companion: The Complete Guide to Eating Badly

Submitter: This book is clearly meant to be humorous, but it was shelved right in the middle of the diet books and cook books. It does contain some interesting facts and trivia about various types of junk food, but even that information is dated. At the very least, this book should be shelved with humorous books; at best it should be weeded.

Holly: I can see why it’s technically cataloged under “junk food,” which is technically 613.2, but I say go for broke and re-catalog it to the 800s in humor. Be brave! The library police only go after nickel fines, not renegade catalogers.

This book is kind of fun! See if it circulates better over in the 800s, and a year from now weed it if it hasn’t. However, if you’re strapped for space, it can probably be weeded without any ill effects. I do like the “Effective trick or treating techniques” offered on the back cover, though!

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  1. I once put Marshmallow Peeps in the microwave. They get HUGE, but as soon as the microwave stops they shrivel up and aren’t very good at all. Sometimes I put them in the refrigerator to make them more chewy.

    1. Yes, they deflate, but it is fun to watch the process through the window. Then, if you eat them while they are still warm, they are nice and chewy. You can freeze them, too, but the taste is diminished.

  2. The Twinkie on the fancy china plate makes me think of Woody Harrelson’s character from “Zombieland.” I think I need a copy of this book!

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