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Curing Breast Cancer
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Soil Testing ManuelSoil Testing Manual: Procedures, Classification Data, and Sampling Practices

Submitter: I work in an engineering library. This is the sort of book vandalism only engineering students would do- please note the careful workmanship. The knife never punctured the cover, and the letters were lifted off without tearing them or the cover underneath. We are torn between annoyance at people altering books and respect for creativity and craftsmanship so rarely seen these days.

Holly: #Respect


  1. I don’t usually like to put graffiti even in my own books, but I have a book of unusual remedies that the early settlers used (and are not recommended to be used today). One of the ailments listed is “An Old Stubborn Pain In The Back”. I wrote in pencil next to it, “Divorce him!” 🙂

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