Hoarding is not collection development
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If People Were Perfect
Accessed 10/25/2012
at http://www.keepyourchildsafe.org/online_If_people_were_perfect/online_If_people_were_perfect_cover.asp

​Submitter: I teach high school students with developmental delays.  Even though they do academics at about a grade one level, they are still teenagers and issues of personal space, strangers, and confusions about friendship versus romance are very important.  They form a group most at risk of abuse and I’m finding it very difficult to find the resources they need. Then I found these monstrosities online. The images are amateurish and hacked together but are also terrifying. Abusers can be distinguished by their weirdly goggling eyeballs.  Even worse is this title on the website: The Day my House Catched Fires.

​Holly:​ Here’s something we haven’t talked about before: online books and ebooks.  Many libraries link from their public catalog to online books like these.  The submitting library may have links to items like this on their web site or through their catalog.  Anything a library links to should meet their collection management policy.  I’ll go so far as to suggest that web links are an “online collection” as much as e-books are, and libraries need their policies to include what kinds of things they link to and the criteria that goes into what links they suggest. Today’s catalogs are sophisticated, and can link to all kinds of things – YouTube videos, images, historical documents, you name it.  Linking to online books is a great idea, and the submitting library is looking for quality information to link to.  This is not it.

The books linked on this site do have some good information, but the quality is dubious.  The text runs over the pictures, and the art work isn’t great.  What a bizarre picture (below – green-shirt guy with his hand over the girl’s mouth, holding some weird whip-thing. Creepy and scary!) And the one about the house catching fire – is that supposed to be baby talk or appealing to kids somehow? “Catched Fires?” Come on.



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