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Dynasty Fun

Dynasty coverDynasty
The Authorized Biography of the Carringtons
Introduction by Esther Shapiro

Who doesn’t want the full scoop on Denver’s most famous family?  The hair!  The cat fights! The shoulder pads!  Of course this book has 10 different kinds of awesome oozing forth from the pages.  Extra trivia points to you if you can name all the characters.  Librarians, remember her issues with Random House?  (click here for a refresher!)

Circ data indicates that I am the second circ since before 1995.  I think that we can safely retire the Carringtons in 2011.


Women fighting

Alexis and Steven

Dynasty cast

Alexis Colby Carrington

9 Responses to Dynasty Fun

  • Wow. Of course, we don’t need fictional dysfunctional families like the Carringtons anymore, what with the Lohans, the Kardashians, and their wild and completely real compatriots. Still, I kinda miss those days before the reality show was everywhere….

  • With the possible exception of promos for the show, I never saw even one second of this show. Maybe I should look for the book to see what I missed. Maybe not.

  • I love that the scanner was bumped in the middle of the slapping photos. gives an extra expressionistic flourish to the action sequence

  • @nick: Hahhahhahha! I didn’t see that because it doesn’t affect the photographs one bit!

  • I preferred Dallas, but you’ve gotta love Alexis!

  • I seem to remember reading that the cat fight in that scene was based on one from the Wonder Woman TV show pilot….That’s the closest I came to watching Dynasty. Love the Wonder Woman TV show though.

  • An “authorized biography” of fictional characters?

  • Everyone at work was SO into Dynasty – every coffee break was spent going over the last episode which we attempted to act out (not a lot of room for the catfight scene but we mimed it ok). Nothing and no-one can compare!

  • I guess it’s that even though they aren’t real people, fans of the show still want to hear about their lives and all that. I don’t see a big wrong there, as long as people can seperate fantasy and reality.