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Submitter: This book found in my local public library is a 2000 biography on George W. Bush. The last page of the bio states that Mr. Bush has just lost the Michigan primary to John McCain. So this book predates his win in the first election, 9/11, two wars, and his second term. However, my library sees enough here to have 5 copies in its system! Yikes!

Holly: Show some respect, people! Whether you love or hate any former president, at least have the decency to offer a biography that tells the whole story. In Bush, Jr’s case, significant events happened during his presidency that changed life as we know it. Personal politics aside, he’s important. Kids writing reports are going to fail if they work off of this book. It’s complicated enough that there are two President Bush’s. Give a kid a chance!

(Five copies? Really?)

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Michigan defeat



    1. Yes, that bothered me, too, then I thought about it some more and decided that to be absolutely correct, it should be “two Presidents Bush.”

    1. I shouldn’t write these when I’m sleep deprived and/or hungry. Oops, my typing fingers got ahead of my brain.

  1. How ridiculous is it that the author/publisher couldn’t wait a year until the election was over before sending the book to press?

    1. Because if he didn’t win, it wouldn’t sell. This way it could ride the coattails of the election season.

      1. Good point. And now I see that the book series is called “People in the News”, so I guess it was intended to have a short shelf life in any event.


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