Drugging Our Children

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Drugging Our Children coverDrugging Our Children
Olfman and Robbins, Editors.

Submitter: The scan for this book didn’t come out well because the cover is very dark.  There’s nothing wrong with the content of this book.  It came across my desk because it was damaged and we have to order a new copy.  But I found the wording on the back cover to be very unfortunate—it says “In Praise of Drugging Our Children.”   !!!!

Holly: I got a better cover image, but couldn’t find one of the back cover online.  I circled the “In Praise Of” part…that IS pretty funny! You’re right – the book is just fine.  We just like a laugh here at ALB.  Thanks, Submitter!

Drugging Our Children back cover


  1. The library I used to work at had a book called “When Dad Hurts Mom” or something like that, and the back said “In Praise of When Dad Hurts Mom” which made me laugh every time I saw it. Even though I knew what they meant, I just thought they’d have thought it through a bit more!

  2. soo… it’s ok to give drugs to our kids? When my boys were small they NEVER napped. When they would
    get sick with coughs our physician would ask would you like a cough medicine that will make them sleep.
    That was ok with me.

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