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Drug Brothers


Drugs and Your Brothers and Sisters

Submitter: This book comes from my local branch of my public library.  They had two copies of this edition next to each other on shelf. The library system has 4 other copies from two later editions. If the publisher felt that an update was necessary, then I would think that was cause enough to weed this dated book.

Holly: I popped the keyword “drugs” into the ALB search box and came up with 16 pages of results. There is no end to old drug books in public libraries, apparently! Please, go “weed” your drug books. (See what I did there?)


Drugs Are Bad:

Why Do People Take Drugs?

Mom and Dad Do Drugs

Are Your Kids Using Drugs?

Friends and Drugs

Drugs for the Kids

Drugs and the Law


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8 Responses to Drug Brothers

  • drugs and your brothers and sisters: how to blackmail them so you’ll never have to do homework again!

  • Fact: 100% of a health class will be assigned to write a (insert number here) page report on a drug related subject. 90% will do the assignment, 75% of those will descend on said library to check out books on topic. The only reason I can think a library would keep two copies of an out of date book in circulation..

  • Can we agree to weed any non-historical YA book that has public phones in it?

  • My brother and I were the biggest nerds ever. We didn’t even once do street drugs or get arrested and spend the night in jail like teens are supposed to do. 🙂

  • Things may have gone differently if Latawnya had this book!

  • What is that girl doing rummaging through her brother’s dirty laundry?? And isn’t she the same girl who was hiding the joint? Also, what would be the hard drugs that 35.4% of high school seniors were taking — cocaine, heroin, Quaaludes — ?? Seems kind of high, sorry ’bout the pun…