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Driving High

Driving High coverDriving High
The Hazards of Driving, Drinking and Drugs

Wow aren’t you scared by the cover?  I hope it sobers you up quick.

I plucked this from a smallish public library’s teen nonfiction collection. The majority of the book is predictable with photographs that look dated for 1983. A good chunk of this book is directed at the discussion of raising the drinking age to 21 as a response to higher traffic deaths. Up until the early seventies, alcohol was restricted to those folks over 21. With passage of the 21st amendment, giving people the right to vote at age 18, alcohol laws became relaxed. I personally can tell you that I totally appreciated this new rule because it made college much more fun. The husband and I have fond memories of “nickel beer night” and “bucket night” at many of our favorite hangouts. By the mid 80s, this discussion was pretty much over as the age went back to 21 with the passage of National Minimum Age Drinking Act.  In my opinion, this book lost most of its relevance by the mid 80s. So weed it, pour yourself a cold one, and think back to the good old days.


Driving High front flap

sobriety test

crashed car exhibit


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