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Drinking and Driving: Know Your Limits


Drinking & Driving: Know Your Limits and Liabilities

Submitter: This book is filled with data and info from 1985. Not so current 30 years later. For a hoot, I flipped to the back to read up what the laws were for Massachusetts (from where this is being submitted) and it was ripped out. Michigan too. Sorry ladies.

Holly: Bummer, I was curious too. I’m all for knowing your limits, and I think it’s a great idea to know how to calculate your blood alcohol. Here’s an even better idea: always have a designated driver if you know you’ll be drinking, or stay home. The statistics in this book are no longer helpful, and if the pages for your particular state are ripped out, then the book is much less useful to your patrons.

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3 Responses to Drinking and Driving: Know Your Limits

  • You could probably get little personal breathalyzers on the market now (someone correct me if I’m wrong), or some bars have them, so having to calculate your own blood alcohol using a formula in a book wouldn’t be necessary. Anyway, by all means have a designated driver with you, or limit your alk intake yourself (why do people feel alcohol is so all-fired essential to a good time anyway?? Isn’t good company and/or an exciting sports event enough?).

  • Dated AND vandalized. Weed.

  • Where I live, I am fortunate to always have a designated driver I can call upon — a taxi driver or a subway/trolley driver, so I never have to drink and drive. Often makes life easier anyway — no hunting for parking. I think the laws in Massachusetts have been beefed up since the 1980s — a local liquor store has them on its countertop. I think at some point one gets put away for good. But we can still read in the news about some selfish idiot with repeated DUIs who drives without a license and has a terrible accident. I guess that’s another reason to take the subway — you avoid the sloshed drivers.