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Draw 50 Famous Stars coverDraw 50 Famous Stars

Submitter: This was in the kids’ section of our library, because what kid doesn’t want to know how to draw such relevant celebrities as Burt Reynolds, Walter Matthau, and Ed Asner? Not pictured are hot superstars such as Gary Coleman, George C. Scott, and Phyllis Diller.

Holly: Even the people on the cover are irrelevant by kids’ standards. Is that Dorothy Hamill? Get something new with Justin Bieber and iCarly and leave this one for the aging artists.

Jane Fonda and Edward Asner

Walter Matthau and Burt Reynolds

Alan Alda and Marie Osmond


  1. Nope, that’s not Dorothy Hamill – I think it’s Marie Osmond, from the days of the Donnie & Marie Show! The timeline seems about right….and she did have short hair back then.

  2. It is Marie Osmond, she’s featured in the last picture. And Gary Coleman is pictured, he’s on the cover of the book.

  3. I volunteered in a juvenile hall library (there are very few in the US) where these “how to draw” books were very, very popular. But, NOT the celebrity ones! People in general, animals, superheros and monsters… yes.
    Even in 1982 why would anyone want to draw some of these people? A few shown were past their prime and basically unknown to youth by then.
    I thought Jane Fonda was Lindsay Wagner, the Bionic Woman actress. Actually she was probably more recognizable to kids in 1982 than Ms. Fonda.

  4. Elvis? Yeah, this was totally on the pulse of celebrities kids cared about in the early eighties.

  5. Oh my God! We have (had?) this book! I must admit, I was checking the first picture to see if that was by chance our work or breakroom.

    It actually got checked out now and again. By kids who wanted to draw John Lennon or Elvis.

  6. Ha! Ed Asner still looks pretty much just like that! I don’t know too many kids clamoring to draw him, though.

  7. If you ignore the celebrity aspect, it’s actually a decent book on how to draw people. Anyone who wants to get into illustration or comics is going to need to know how to draw a variety of faces, old and young.

    1. Mayyyybe, if your budget has been slashed. Otherwise, this is very easy to update. The series is published for kids–and they want to draw stars from this decade. Or just get the generic How To Draw Faces. Circulation stats on this book have been zero for a while.

  8. Yeah, most of the people featured here were either past their prime or not relevant to kids even then; what kids would have been watching Lou Grant or M*A*S*H? Now, though, I imagine it’s not interesting even to adults. Burt Reynolds and Alan Alda are better known as the butts of jokes, Ed Asner mainly does voice-over roles, and I actually have no idea what the others are doing.

    1. Just sayin’, when I was a kid, I remember getting this book from my library. I also was a kid that watched M.A.S.H., although I didn’t like it. It was what my parents watched and back in those days, if you wanted to watch TV, you watched what was on! Now, no one take this as a ‘this should not be weeded’ argument!

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