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Advice from a Pregnant Obstetrician: An Insider’s Guide

Submitter: I just weeded this from our collection. Besides the fact that it was published in 1998, making it too old by our collection standards, why is she turned like that?! I don’t think she’s pregnant. I’m just sayin’.

Holly: Hmmm…suspicious.  Her marketing people should have made sure her big ‘ol pregnant belly was front and center on the cover!  Yes, this is too old.


  1. I bet she had her baby twenty years ago. She’s just turned to the side to suggest a pregnant belly. Book probably has lots of stuff like, “The hospital didn’t have AC and I didn’t have any anesthesia because I did all my Lamaze, so I sailed through beautifully. I coached my doctor through the birthing process…”

  2. Ha! As a pregnant librarian I actually “hear” from this doctor everyweek. She’s part of the Babble Pregnancy team. Not quite old school ob, but very definitely mainstream.

  3. I’m a little disturbed by the subtitle. When I think of an “Insider’s Guide” to pregnancy, I can’t help imagining it’s a book for the baby.

  4. As another pregnant librarian, I would say it doesn’t look like it’s going to replace the popular, “What to expect” series in most public libraries any time soon, that’s for sure.That said, if you have older books on the Bradley method, feel free to keep them. I read one from the 70’s during my last pregnancy, and it was a fascinating window into the changes in social attitudes surrounding birth and birth preparation over the years.

  5. “Advice from a (discreetly, elegantly, tastefully) Pregnant Obstetrician,” more like it. My pregnancy book would be something like “Dispatches from Planet Swollen Ankles.”

  6. what you can’t see is that the dust jacket has a three page foldout to accommodate her 50’s-chrysler-length baby bump

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