Dr. Jones tells all about the Aztecs

Indiana Jones Explores the AztecsIndiana Jones Explores the Aztecs

Evidently the Aztec civilization isn’t interesting enough. Let’s plaster pictures of Indiana Jones in some photos of Mexico. I am a little concerned that Dr. Jones seems to be woefully ignorant of the Aztecs given some of the inane “dialogue” in this book. So, just where did he get his PhD?

Way back in the early days of ALB, we published another Indiana Jones special book. Same format and I would bet there are the same pictures of our intrepid Dr. Jones only superimposed in shots of Peru. Personally, I think I could have done a better job with photoshop.

My new working theory is that these books are possibly responsible for the movie travesty that was Indiana Jones and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull  I have never had so many patrons complain about a particular movie.


Indiana Jones Explores the Aztecs back cover

Who were the Aztecs?

Everyday Life of the Aztecs

Discovering the Aztecs

Art of the stone workers



  1. I know the films were probably still popular, but it still seems strange this was published seven years after the last one. (Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is never happened, and I’m sticking to that story, even if it was nice to see Marian again.)

    I don’t recall the movies ever mentioning what he had a PH.D in. Given the amount of looting he did, it wouldn’t shock me to learn it had nothing to do with archaeology or history.

  2. Dr. Jones’ PhD dissertation was an intensive study of magical objects of Kabbalistic Jewish origin which spit out death rays. It’s little wonder he knows so little about Mexico.

  3. The various ‘Crystal Skull(s)’ have no provenance and are extremely unlikely to be genuine Aztec artefacts. Film title or not, the one that appears in that book’s illustrations should have been omitted. The trouble with both Dr Jones and indeed Lara Croft is that although they might popularise ‘archaeology’, they also give the impression that it’s all about grabbing hidden treasure – which is not in fact the case! (I blame that Howard Carter, Lord Carnarvon and King Tut for being better than fiction).

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