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Doris’s Dreams

Doris: The Story of a Disfigured Deaf Child
Translated by Basilius

No, this isn’t THAT Doris.

This can be found in an [anonymous] large public library.  Actually, according to WorldCat, it is available in several large public libraries! It is apparently “Supplement 2 to Acta Paedopsychiatrica, Volume 35, copyright 1968,” according to the Cataloging in Publication Data. Sooo…maybe it’s still important in Switzerland and Germany? Is this some kind of classic in psychology circles?

The cover caught my eye. The front flyleaf (included below) says that Dr. Bodenheimer interpreted Doris’s dreams and her drawings in his attempt to help her. I thought maybe the drawing on the cover was done by Doris, since the book includes some drawings she created. But no – the back flyleaf (included below) says that the jacket design is by Richard Kinney.

I’m no expert in psychotherapy or its use of dream or art interpretation. It is possible that this book is an important case study in the field. It is possible that it is a reasonable choice for university and medical libraries. I’m sure you will all set me straight if that’s the case. I do question its inclusion in public libraries.


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