Don’t worry! I will save you!

Life Saving for TeenagersLife Saving for Teenagers

Submitter: This was discovered in a public library, in the junior non-fiction section. Not only is it horrifically out of date but it’s also very strange. Instead of teaching how to do Artificial Respiration, it demonstrates how to do a practice drill. Without any information on what you would do in a real life situation.

From p. 31 – What is now known as the Recovery Position is called “Coma Position”

From p. 93  – Example of demonstration of tow carries, with incorrect arm placement that could easily choke victim.

Holly: Out of date – CHECK! Boring, outdated black and white pictures – CHECK! Completely wrong information by today’s standards – CHECK! Weeded – CHECK!

Mary: I know I am dating myself, but this was a book I used when I did a life saving course.  I know everyone feels much safer with my 1972 life saving skills.

Rescuer position demonstration

Compression and pulse

cross chest tow



  1. That cross-chest tow was old, old, old even in 1972. Once, when we were swimming, my great-aunt, who had been a lifeguard when she was young (in the 1920’s!) demonstrated her skills on me, and I thought I’d be choked to death before she let me go.


  2. I wonder if there was an earlier edition. In 1972 it would have been more realistic (harder to see though) if the girls had hair about a yard long and straight. These look like 1964 hair styles.

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