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Don’t make eye contact with the doll

creative character dolls

Ceramic Character Dolls
and their accessories

I know dolls and doll collecting is a common topic for a public library collection. These kinds of books do circulate. I just find the whole idea of collecting dolls a bit weird. The eyes and facial expressions are just a bit discomforting. Let’s just say I don’t want them staring at me. (I offer this episode of the Twilight Zone as evidence.)


character dolls back cover

brother sister dolls

old fashioned girl doll

joker-fool doll

devil doll

13 Responses to Don’t make eye contact with the doll

  • I’m fine with American Girl dolls, but others can creep me out. Especially when I’m getting dressed.

  • I collect dolls and stuffed animals and anyone who thinks that’s weird can just go back to their home planet. But the thing is that I collect dolls that aren’t targeted towards adults and aren’t too realistic-looking. These dolls and ceramic dolls in general are just a bit too Uncanny Valley for me.

  • Maybe they look so creepy to discourage kids from playing with them. Mine didn’t look like that, but I’m pretty sure they weren’t destined to be pricey collectibles. (I had way more plushies than dolls. Way friendlier.)

  • Telly Savalas had it coming!

  • I shouldn’t have clicked on “Continue reading.” The doll eyeballs in the hand made me jump!

  • So I probably shouldn’t mention that I actually happen to love vintage porcelain dolls, right? I love going to thrift stores and looking for ones that were given to kids who were obviously too young to have them – hair unbraided, makeup and/or ink on the face, accessories torn off – and fix them up. Most I give away but some I keep. And I REALLY would love that Mephistopheles doll from this book.

  • This is hilarious because doll books freak me out, too! I was even afraid of some of my own porcelain dolls when I was little.

    Just discovered this website, and it is great! It’s funny what we find in the library collection sometimes.

  • I’m fine with dolls, but that was the wrong choice for an appealing cover!

  • Anne’s favourite book is the Doll Bible, written by the DOLL GOD…

  • The smiling boy doll with the blue hat looks like he’d bite my face off if I looked away….