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Donner Party Poetry

Donner 1The Donner Party

Submitter: Because I’m in California, information about the Donners counts as local history, but I don’t think poetry about the Donners actually fits in this category.  There are better poetry books and better books about the Donners. It’s time for this book to hit the dusty trail.

Holly: Nothing like a little cannibalism poetry to really get you to understand history. Seriously, though, it’s an “interesting” way to present the story of the Donner Party. I’m not sure it’s strictly an “awful library book,” but I’m posting it because it’s intriguing. If it isn’t of use to your patrons, though, weed it. I wonder if there’s poetry about other “unpleasant” stories from history, like “Jonestown Haiku” or “Charles Manson in Verse.” Googling…

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