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Doll collecting for fun and profitDoll Collecting for Fun & Profit
Seeley and Seeley

I’ve been poking through our doll collecting books recently. To honest, they just creep me out. I keep thinking about some doll displays I have seen and I am quite sure I would never be able to sleep if the room was filled with dolls. It’s the eyes! The doll “brain surgery” in the 2nd picture below isn’t helping, either.

Since this is a new collection for me, I am proceeding a bit more cautiously. Regardless, this hobby has lots of fans and deserves space in the public library. From what I can tell, the Seeleys have written quite a few books on collecting and evaluating dolls. I would imagine the information about identifying and evaluating collectible dolls is still quite useful, but the age of this particular book is troubling, especially when assigning monetary value. I am weeding this particular book since it is damaged, but I wonder if this material is useful to collectors any more.


doll collecting back cover

doll heads

old fashioned dolls

clown doll

displaying dolls

more display of dolls



  1. Oh, man, if you haven’t thrown this in a garbage heap, I’ll pay you for it. I’m writing a novel where someone has to clean a bunch of old dolls and finds them really creepy. This looks…mood inspiring. 😀

  2. Dolls are a tricky one. There’s usually a small number of patrons who methodically go through everything the library has, so even circ isn’t a totally reliable measure of usefulness. And, where anything “antique” is concerned, an older book may be better at identifying an older item, although of course the price estimates are useless. I tend to be very cautious here also, but a damaged book is a damaged book, and you have to let older items go to make room for new ones occasionally.

  3. Consider replacing your doll collecting titles with something more crowd pleasing… perhaps related to clowns.

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