Doll Gangs

Best Cover Art of 2018
For Men Only!

making dolls

Cherished Dolls to Make for Fun
Better Homes and Gardens
Knox, ed.

Yet another doll book. Yes, I recognize that this is serious hobby for many people. After having seen my fair share of weird dolls in books, I have decided that my creep out factor is when there are too many in one place. Like a gang. As soon as your eyes are closed they will rally and eat your soul. Why would anyone, other than a kid, be so willing to decorate their home with the dolls? (I am also going to include figurines and any other large group of collectibles resembling people.)

Aside from the clown doll (Just no.) I can actually see how using things like spoons and yarn in creative ways is an admirable skill and worthy of a library collection. Just don’t include me in that group.


clown dolls

rope dolls

fanciful dolls


  1. If toys came to life at night, my living room would be a scorched and cratered battlefield every morning, due to all the robot toys on display….

  2. “Imagine the squeals of joy you’ll hear from the lucky recipient of this loveable clown”! Nooo… I’m imagining
    more along the lines of screams of terror….burn it. Now.

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