Doing Business in Mexico

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Doing Business in Mexico cover

Doing Business in Mexico
Engholm and Grimes

Submitter: [Edited by Holly for length] I picked up this book because the company I work for is starting to do business in Mexico. But it was copyrighted in 1997! In the particular area where we do business, our counterparts in Mexico are telling us that things have been changing in the last few years. But I’m wondering what else has changed since the internet was spun?

Holly: This book probably has a few tidbits of useful information on business culture, but international business is one of those categories where change happens quickly. I would look at anything older than about 5-10 years for replacement. In Mexico, specifically, there are major recent changes to free trade agreements (NAFTA, specifically).

Business in Mexico front flap

Business in Mexico contents


Business in Mexico contents

Business in Mexico contents

Business in Mexico contents

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  1. “The Mexican Supplier: Finding one, Keeping one, Retraining one” – Makes them sound like a puppy. ‘It followed me home! Can I keep it?” Lol!

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