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Doctor Stuff

A Doctor’s Tools

This book was suggested to me and I was kind of shocked how many libraries were holding this title. C’mon, its old! Regardless, I am not a fan of these kind of real life photo books. They look weird and they go out of date so fast. I get what this book is attempting to accomplish and it’s not a bad idea.

Of course the most ridiculous part of this book is the cover. Did that doctor put that stethoscope in the freezer?


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6 Responses to Doctor Stuff

  • Urine Cup and Dipstick. That’s not a nice name for that sweet little boy. What did he ever do to you?

  • Don’t all doctors keep their stethoscopes in the freezer? 😉

  • I’m surprised the doctor doesn’t have on his head one of those old-fashioned reflective discs with a hole in the middle (and a strap to hold it on).

  • Sad to say what I first noticed – what my eyes first were drawn to – was that damned comb-over. Can’t say I’m too fond of that particular shade of green on the cover, either. Not so much ‘eye-catching’ as it is ‘eye sore’.

  • I don’t think I’ve ever seen a GP with a necktie. Specialists maybe…

  • It’s a worse combover than that found on the head of Ken Delo!