Doctor, Heal thyself! (Friday Fiction)

Remember Me?

Woman Doctor coverWoman Doctor
The Intimate Confessions of Psychiatrist and Her Love-Starved Patients

I had a friend that came across this great example of lesbian pulp fiction. Wonderful cover art and it is quite the lurid, sexually charged story!  Our Dr Hathaway is a psychiatrist working with some of the most sexually troubled people. She knows your deep dark desires. But can our doctor let her inhibitions down? Stay tuned!

Thanks to the following websites that gave me some background on the title and author. I am sure there are more archivists curating this great material. If any of you know of collections worthy of a shout out, please say so in the comments.

Sallie Bingham Center forWomen’s History and Culture at Duke University

Mount Saint Vincent University,  Halifax, Nova Scotia


Woman Doctor back cover

Woman Doctor teaser


  1. That cover is a gem. Because of course, people go to their psychiatric appointments clad only in a slip!

  2. Hmm, a psychiatric student could write several papers on the difference now v. then WRT the book’s take on the profession, the book’s representation of the public’s view of psychiatry, the book’s representation of the public’s view of psychiatric patients, … and on and on.
    Institutionalize this one in a “special” collection somewhere.

  3. My favorite thing about this is the cover art, specifically the reclining woman’s physically-impossible position. It reminds me of those awful Rob Liefeld drawings where the women are contorted so you can see their boobs AND butt at the same time. Seriously, the human body cannot do that.

  4. Just so you know, there is a reprint of a similar novel called World of Women (by Carol Caine, 1968) being sold at Hamilton Book dot com. It is less than five dollars. I get a lot of stuff from their discount website. Often they have reprints of old books and they also have a lot of old Roger Corman and drive-in cult classic movies on DVD.

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