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McCall's Do-It BookMcCall’s Golden Do-It Book
Wyckoff, Comstock, and Dugan

Submitter: When you get bored, what do you do? I reach for my trusty McCall’s Golden DO-IT BOOK. There is so much you can do with the DO-IT book, but my favorite is to make GAY CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS. I weeded this book many years ago, but it remains on my desk in my office, because every time I see it I just have to laugh.

Holly: This reminds me of another ALB favorite: The McCall’s Giant Golden Make-It Book. Not only can you DO IT, but you can also MAKE IT (although if they have you MAKING gay Christmas ornaments in the DO IT book, I don’t see the point in having two separate titles.). Of course, they just meant “happy” Christmas ornaments, but times and vernacular have changed since 1960. I kind of want to make that clown on the cover of this book and give it to Mary for her birthday.

McCalls Golden Do-It Book

Gay Christmas Ornaments


  1. With those sugar kisses, you may get ants… Why would they put a sugar cube in an ornament? Thatt’s asking for trouble.

    1. Ew, I didn’t even realize that! Not only ants, but any moisture in storage and you’ve got a sticky mess everywhere. Although I suppose that’s to be expected after a DO-IT session, huh?

    2. If you paint the sugar cubes they won’t attract ants. We used to make sugar cube castles in school. Glue and spray paint was enough to seal the sugar and keep ants and moisture out.

    3. Because back then there weren’t craft stores all over the place trying to sell you wooden shapes for that sort of thing. A sugar cube might’ve been the best most households could do for “a bunch of small cubes” without breaking out the saw and hacking up a bit of wood scrap (and a few fingers).

    4. Maybe they live where I do, where one does not see ants for several months before and after Christmas?

  2. I’m pretty sure my parents owned some of those “Gay Christmas Ornaments” until very recently (when they fell into dust). Those birds look very familiar!

  3. But those feathers and that glitter! That is still very gay (in the drag sense of the word)! I love old crafts books and even still have a complete set of Childcrafts.

  4. as a child in the 80s, I loved the Make It book. although, I didn’t know what it was called cause our copy was missing its cover. Those pictures brought back memories. Although, I’m not sure if i made anything in it. oh wait, the helicopter and the paper doll (Xeroxed the paper doll pages and colored them)
    Craft books are cool. 😀

  5. Under the title it says the ornaments can be as “gay and sparkling” as those you buy. I wouldn’t buy any ornament that looked like those in the picture, but I would buy one that had “gay and sparkling” written on it.

  6. I loved the Do It Book when I was young.
    I still have my copy.
    It made me feel bad (and old) to see it here.

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