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DIY Face Lift

Natural Facelift coverThe 15-Minute-A-Day Natural Face Lift

Finally, a DIY facelift book! Where has this been all my life? Just use some mineral water, face cream and a bit of tape and voilà, instant youth. I urge all of you to try these cool exercises. I can’t wait to have someone card me at the next trip to the bar!


Natural Facelift back cover

Flabby eyelids

Magic mineral water spray

Lines from nose to mouth

11 Responses to DIY Face Lift

  • I want to know what kind of eye makeup she is wearing, that she can put on so much of it and yet it does not smear or run under her hands, with all that magic water and slathers of cream!

  • “If any teeth are missing, they must be replaced before the exercise can be effective.” (p. 45) I think that about sums everything up here.

  • Is she picking her nose at the top right on the back cover?

  • How do you keep the tape adhered to the forehead with all that cream you have to apply?
    Should you use Duck tape? What else could tape be applied to? What if you just make your
    pony tail tighter? That can work too.

  • How old is the woman in photos modeling the face exercises? 25?

  • They claim it is “magic mineral water spray” and yet it contains no fairy dust? I call shenanigans!

  • Bonus awful points for the list of the many ‘famous women’ the author has worked with–any book that still refers to a woman as Mrs. [Husband’s first and last name] is probably due for retirement!

  • Who coached her facial expression? There’s this underlying terror as she looks in the mirror.

  • If I smelled of vinegar water applied three times a day, I’d look younger too. No one would get close enough to see my wrinkles any more!

  • There is an endorsement from the editor of Cosmo. This means it’s garbage.

  • If anything, I’ve always been taught that rubbing your face is BAD for your skin.