Disco Never Dies

Disco Dancing coverDisco Dancing

Submitter: I was excited to find this book on our elementary library shelves, thinking it was some cool vintage book about the disco era.  It was not.  Whereas the fashion & music of the 70’s lives on, this book’s focus is on the disco lifestyle, which probably died around the time this book was published.  I especially love the part about people being so committed to the disco scene that they quit their jobs (and might be available for hire to throw a disco party at your house!).  I guess that sounds better than saying you got fired because you regularly stay out until dawn at Studio 54 & now you’re looking for a place to hang out while you wait for your coke dealer, right?  This book is definitely not Stayin’ Alive… It’s getting weeded.

Holly: This is one of the more interesting Disco covers I’ve seen. The person in the weird costume (what is that a costume of? A lightbulb?) and the cool building with the lit-up pillars and the super high, warehouse-type ceilings – it’s all very…well, disco. A better choice would be a book about the disco culture of the 1970s-80s that treats it as history. (Disco: the Music, the Times, the Era, copyright 2011, by Johnny Morgan looks good.) A bigger problem, to me, is whether this ever belonged in an elementary school library.

Disco dancing

Disco Dancing excerpt

Disco Dancing excerpt

Couple disco dancing

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  1. You can tell this is the tail end of the disco era, too…the fashions are less Saturday Night Fever and more “Madonna, circa 1983”.

  2. Bad grammar and punctuation errors don’t exactly enhance the lousy writing — I thought there were still editors employed at book publishers in 1980? Guess not. Not sure what to think about whoever selected this for an elementary school library…

    1. Looks like a series installment, so maybe there was a “must-have” title in the bunch. Was the world better off with Hammer pants and Gangnam dancing?

  3. LOL I think the guy in the lightbulb costume on the cover is just unfortunately standing behind a hanging light…

    1. Totally! There were lights that descended into the crowd at Studio 54, or at least there were in the movie that starred Mike Myers as club owner Steve Rubell.

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