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Disco Never Dies

Disco Dancing coverDisco Dancing

Submitter: I was excited to find this book on our elementary library shelves, thinking it was some cool vintage book about the disco era.  It was not.  Whereas the fashion & music of the 70’s lives on, this book’s focus is on the disco lifestyle, which probably died around the time this book was published.  I especially love the part about people being so committed to the disco scene that they quit their jobs (and might be available for hire to throw a disco party at your house!).  I guess that sounds better than saying you got fired because you regularly stay out until dawn at Studio 54 & now you’re looking for a place to hang out while you wait for your coke dealer, right?  This book is definitely not Stayin’ Alive… It’s getting weeded.

Holly: This is one of the more interesting Disco covers I’ve seen. The person in the weird costume (what is that a costume of? A lightbulb?) and the cool building with the lit-up pillars and the super high, warehouse-type ceilings – it’s all very…well, disco. A better choice would be a book about the disco culture of the 1970s-80s that treats it as history. (Disco: the Music, the Times, the Era, copyright 2011, by Johnny Morgan looks good.) A bigger problem, to me, is whether this ever belonged in an elementary school library.

Disco dancing

Disco Dancing excerpt

Disco Dancing excerpt

Couple disco dancing

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7 Responses to Disco Never Dies

  • You can tell this is the tail end of the disco era, too…the fashions are less Saturday Night Fever and more “Madonna, circa 1983”.

  • Bad grammar and punctuation errors don’t exactly enhance the lousy writing — I thought there were still editors employed at book publishers in 1980? Guess not. Not sure what to think about whoever selected this for an elementary school library…

    • Looks like a series installment, so maybe there was a “must-have” title in the bunch. Was the world better off with Hammer pants and Gangnam dancing?

  • LOL I think the guy in the lightbulb costume on the cover is just unfortunately standing behind a hanging light…

    • Totally! There were lights that descended into the crowd at Studio 54, or at least there were in the movie that starred Mike Myers as club owner Steve Rubell.

  • It looks Tom is doing the White Man’s Overbite.

  • My boyfriend, a disco DJ, would love to give this book a forever home!