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Disco Fever


The Official Guide to Disco Dance Steps

“Revolutionary step-by-step approach shows you how to be a hit on Saturday night.”  They had me at revolutionary.

4 Responses to Disco Fever

  • I actually don’t think this is that bad of a book for a public library to have. It’s not like the basics of disco dancing have changed since the 70s, and what if a patron wanted to learn how to disco dance? Maybe they’re in a period play or they just want to do something whacky to surprise their family. Who knows, but I just don’t think how to dance type books really go out of style.

    • I think that you might have a point if the circ supports the book. Certainly for special or academic collections about trends or dance could save this one. I would most certainly dump it unless it was popular. Even with an interest, I like having a dvd format for dance instruction since that what most folks in my library are looking for with this kind of material.

  • Please keep it. I check it out every year so guests at my 70’s party can enjoy it. Seriously. And they love it!

  • Official. Wow. There is an organization who sanctioned this book? I bet their annual conventions are loads of fun!